Lawn & Property Maintenance

Late march thru early November cut , edge and weed, weekly.

Lawn maintenance includes cutting and trimming around the turf area, edging sidewalks and driveway edges and blowing off all concrete surfaces of lawn clippings.


It is recommended to feed lawns while grass is growing. Six to seven applications, depending on the temperature. Feeding lasts up to six weeks depending on the amount of rain and watering. Weed applications may be needed depending on the condition of the lawn. Insect applications are used to keep your lawn free from grub damage.

Sidewalks,driveways,patios,and street aprons can be sprayed (guaranteed for 1 month) with triox weed spray to keep them looking clean. Landscape beds can be weeded by hand and then sprayed with round-up to maintain. Round-up is not guaranteed and will not kill weeds that have not sprouted yet.